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You will be charged $397 upfront and $397 each month for 2 additional months. Click the link above, fill in your information, and you’ll get instant access to the entire Digital Cash Academy Course.


    Unlimited Digital Cash Academy Access - ($3,995 Value)

    You’ll gain complete access to the Digital Cash Academy platform. You’ll get a full behind-the-scenes to the techniques and strategies I used to build my multi-million Ecom business.

    Also, me and my team will continue to add new features to DCA so we can optimize your experience!

    • Create A Sustainable, Long-Term Ecommerce Business
    • Find Hot Products With 0 Upfront Cost And Earn 400%+ Margins
    • Duplicate The Exact Strategy I Use To Find Profitable Products Spending Just $10/Day
    • Build And Use Massive Email Lists For Long Term Profits
    • Access My Over The Shoulder Video Training
    • Access Step By Step Training Videos

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    BONUS #1: eCommerce Blueprint For Building And Scaling Your Ecommerce Store ($500 Value)

    • 100% Done For You, All You Need To Do Is Fill Out A Questionnaire
    • My team will build a blueprint for creating and growing your own store
    • You’ll get a 45 minute phone call with my eCommerce manager
    • THIS IS 100% CUSTOM for each new DCA member and addresses their specific needs

    EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to the people taking care of all marketing for my multi-million-dollar eCommerce store. ONLY AVAILABLE TO DCA MEMBERS.

    BONUS #2: Regular Q&A Sessions + Store reviews ($20,000 Value)

    • Weekly coaching sessions with me personally, a bona-fide 8 figure business owner
    • Get the latest strategies and tweaks that are working right now
    • We’ll select a few stores, review your progress, and help you increase your ROI and SCALE - HANDS ON

    I typically charge $2,500 for an hour of consultation, but you can on with me LIVE every week for as long as needed. Every week, for 8 full weeks!

    And we’ll keep the coaching calls going until we’ve answered all and every question!

    BONUS #3: Store Implementation Plan ($2,500 Value)


    Exclusive Access to my proprietary project management system that you can use along with your team and implement everything you’ve learned in this course. You’ll never feel lost or insecure about your next step again.

    BONUS #4: VIP Module “How to Scale Your Business With Partners And How I Tripled The Size Of My Business With This Method” ($5,000 Value)

    • Discover the EXACT SAME STEPS I took to expand my SurvivalCaveFood without spending a single dime on traffic
    • Learn exactly how to get potential partners who can sell your products on their website for a percentage
    • My framework for getting super-affiliates to promote you even if you have nothing

    FULL DISCLOSURE: This Will Give You An UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over 99% of other business

    BONUS #5: Facebook Group Access For ONE Full Year (Value: $97/Month, $1,164 Total Value)

    • 24/7 access to me, my team, and one of the best communities around
    • If you have a question, or just want to be surrounded
    • No problem is unsolvable with this kind of support!

    BONUS #6: Exclusive Profitability Checklist Web App ($2,500 Value)

    You’ll get access to the web app I use to quickly check if a product is worth pursuing or not.

    You just plug in the product URL and the app tells you if you should pick it or not.

    I used to waste 100+ hours per month doing this, but now I can do it all in literally 60 seconds per product!

    This was custom developed for me by my developer, but as a FREE bonus, you get complimentary access.

    BONUS #7: Product Inspector Tool ($800 Value)

    This is something I used to outsource and pay $800 a month for a Virtual Assistant to do it for me.

    But with this software, you’ll easily be able to filter through thousand of products and pick the TOP performing products that are proven to work.

    This software works on both Windows and Mac and you get access to it completely FREE!

    BONUS #8: Audience Discovery Tool ($1,000 Value)

    Personally, I would say the value that I get out of this piece of software is $100,000+ every single month.

    The reason for that is because it allows me to scale my campaigns quickly by literally showing me what audiences I should target to get more sales.

    It’s integrated with Facebook’s marketing API and gets real-time data based on a sophisticated algorithm.

    BONUS #9: Ad Spy Tool ($1,000 Value)

    With this software you’ll be able to see exactly how other successful ecommerce store owners run and create ads for their products.

    You just type in your niche and the software shows you the top performing ads for your niche.

    You can easily tell which ad is working extremely well, allowing you to model it and get started with the perfect Facebook ad from your very first try.

     30 Day Zero Risk Money Back Guarantee

    Now, once we do this for you, here’s what can happen…

    You see the financial potential of the Digital Cash Academy and you decide to implement it yourself, at your own pace.

    You take My Strategies from the Digital Cash Academy and decide that you want to implement this yourself and at your own pace. Which is alright.

    I will wish you all the best of luck, and we go our separate ways.

    The second thing that can happen, is for you to let my team put everything on steroids for you…


    You will be charged $397 upfront and $397 each month for 2 additional months. Click the link above, fill in your information, and you’ll get instant access to the entire Digital Cash Academy Course.