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From the desk of: JR Fisher

November, 2022

Listen - I value your time and our future relationship, so I’ll cut straight to the chase.

The fact that you’re reading this right now means you are interested in having me help you on your entrepreneurial journey, and specifically looking for ways to create and scale your own ecommerce store(s).

Now, whether I can help you achieve this and overcome the struggles in this business, we don’t know yet. But what I want to do first, is establish if you are in the right place.

So, let’s find out…

Are you currently facing at least one of following challenges in your business?

- Are you looking to create an honest, sustainable online business?

- Do you want a business that you can automate and have the time freedom that you desire?

- Are you tired of all this systems always promising the world, but never delivering?

- Are you close to giving up on your dream of becoming an entrepreneur?

- Or maybe, you are doing well financially, but you are tired of trading your time for money?

Do You Identify With Any Of The Above?

If so…

You need to pay close attention and read every word on this page, because I’m going to reveal…

How My Students And I Use This Little Ingenious $10/Day Sales Funnel Method To Find And Sell Super Profitable Products (Without Ever Actually Touching Or Paying Upfront For Them)


Why I Believe Ecommerce Is The Best Business Model To Start In 2017

HUGE VALUE PER VISITOR ($4+): Which makes it easier to monetize traffic. Typical value per visitor for ecommerce is $4+. This is a lot more than almost anything out there. For instance, typical value for a blog $0.10!!

RUNS ON COMPLETE AUTOPILOT: You simply need to turn on the traffic, and the shop does everything else. Allows me to run my other businesses and make 27,334.07/day AND travel the world.

GROWING AT A STAGGERING RATE: Only 10% of total retail sales are done online right now. The growth rate in the US and Canada is over 15% year over year! Ecommerce is still in its infant stage and NOW is the time to profit from it.

NO UPFRONT INVESTMENT: Using the ‘dropshipping’ model, you don’t need to invest a penny upfront. Profit first, pay for the inventory later.

EXTREMELY HIGH PROFIT MARGINS: You can sell products for $20-$50 and only pay $1-$5 (REMEMBER: you get the sales price of up to $50 first, and only then pay as little as $5 for the product)

EASY TO SCALE STARTING WITH $5: I test my campaigns with $5-$10 per day, and when they work with $5 it's easy to scale to $100-$500 and start getting hundreds of sales per day.

Now, I know what you are thinking… If getting into ecommerce is so great and easy…

Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It?

There’s a couple of reasons...

Not a lot of people know about this.

And most people that do, quit after their first try if they don’t get results immediately.

And there’s a lot of them, because if you don’t have the right SYSTEM in place, it can be hard to succeed.

You won’t know which products to select.

You won’t know how to send traffic.

You won’t understand how to scale the successes.

And those that do get lucky, can’t sustain their success, because again – NO SYSTEM.

There’s not a lot of people like me who have a developed system, and are willing to teach it.

So when you combine these reasons, you get people missing out on getting their own slice of $90 billion industry.

Here’s The Fast Action Formula You Can Replicate In The Next 24 Hours

Step 1: Create A Store

Before we can sell products, we need a store.

I suggest using Shopify, because it’s both simple to use for basic setup but it also has a lot of advanced options to setup a truly profitable store.

There are several elements that every good store has, and that can mean the difference between making $5k-$10k and wasting thousands on traffic.

It’s important for the store to be branded properly and for the product descriptions to match the products and the audience. Also it’s important to add trust seals and product reviews to create an atmosphere of trust and show that your products and business are legitimate.

This is the only way to be able to get a profitable markup.

IMPORTANT: For a truly autopilot business you’ll need to connect Shopify to for automatic delivery (so you don’t lift a finger, and the orders get accepted and shipped automatically!)

Step 2: Find Profitable Products That Have Low Risk Of Failing

This is easier said than done. However, if you find the right products - they will sell themselves.

How to do this?

First, I use a 4-step framework that is guaranteed to net you in-demand product.

#1: Average Product Value is $20 to $60

This is the profit sweet-spot.

If you charge less, it’s hard to monetize, with the cost of the product and the traffic.

Any more - and it’s hard to sell without a complicated process in place.

#2: Markup Is At Least 400% (if product cost is $5, sell for at least $25)

In order to have a huge success you have to make sure each product has a good markup for you.

Since you’ll be putting physical products in front of an audience that desires them - don’t be afraid to charge a bit more.

You just can’t settle for a few bucks per sale and be happy with that. This is the No. 1 mistake I see people making.

#3: Product weight under 10lbs and small in size

This is important in order to keep the shipping costs cost effective.

#4: Non-everyday items (hard to buy locally)

In order to be able to charge the 400% markup and actually get sales it’s important that the product is not only convenient but also somewhat “exotic” for the audience. It has to be something they can’t just pickup at their local store.

Here’s a great product example that has worked really well for me:

Step 3: Scale The Success

Now that we have products and the store, it’s time scale the successful products.

I’ll show you how I create ads that “optimize themselves” with minimal work, that bring in massive results for any products that have gotten traction.

Product #3:
- $26.21 spent on ads
- $179.70 in sales
- $25.44 product cost

Profit: $128.05

I prefer to start with several campaigns with $5-$10/day:

We wait 24-48 Hours, and then check for the results.

Ads Not Profitable? Try again.

Ads Profitable? START SCALING

Day 7 – Immediately Scaling $21,653.85 In Sales

Day 7 – Immediately Scaling $21,653.85 In Sales

3 Ads
$10/day/ad Budget
2 Days of Testing

Total Spent For Initial Testing: 3 x 2 x $10 = $60



First of all, everything I teach is based on owning and running a multi-million-dollar ecommerce business, -

When I started this business, I was selling and shipping products out of my garage.

Thanks to the techniques that I will teach you, we now ship out of a high-tech facility that is over 150,000 square feet. We have manufacturing and offices in 4 locations and 4 different states.

We have employees around the world, including the Philippines, India, Pakistan, Mexico, and, of course, the U.S.A.

And secondly, I know this wasn’t a fluke, because I also have students that have taken these techniques and did very well for themselves with them.

Here Are Some Of The Results My Students Have Achieved:

Nick Tsai - Taiwan
Generated $82,631.71 In One Month Using The $10/Day System

Ben Reed - Australia
Increase Sales For His Store By 388% Using This Ecommerce System

Phillip Matthews - USA
Generated $101,813.05 In His First 86 Days With A Brand New Ecommerce Store

Here’s How You Can Shortcut Your Success, And Get Started Within Hours From Now

So, if you’ve been paying attention you understand what potential Ecommerce has and the basics of how to use it to earn online. You’ve also seen how it works and been given a brief overview of everything.

The truth is you could try to figure this whole thing out yourself.

BUT - and this is a big but… there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to get it right immediately.

It’s going to take some time…

And you’ll likely to get frustrated and quit.

You’ll have to figure out things like how to configure your Shopify settings, how to select ‘the right’ products to upload to your store, which software to use to automate this, how to fulfil the orders and more.

That’s just the easy stuff, there’s a lot more nuance to actually SCALING this for MASSIVE results.

Also, traffic can be a real pain in the neck to get right…

And you need to understand every FAILURE COSTS TIME AND MONEY.

And it could be A LOT of time and money before you get this right.

So, I want to ask you something…

How would you like it if I gave you my entire, PROVEN system?

Rather than MONTHS of searching, trying everything….

What if you could get all my strategies, avoid every costly failure I had to go through and have total clarity on what you need to do to build your own profitable ecom stores?

Digital Cash Academy

My 12-Module Course That Will Teach You How To Create, Scale And Automate Profitable Ecommerce Stores

  • Proven Strategies Based On My Own 7 Figure Business
  • Broken Down Into Easy To Learn Pieces
  • Actionable Steps That Will Have An Immediate Impact

The Big Promise:

After watching just the first Module, you’ll have an unfair advantage over 90% of ecommerce store owners.

The BEST part? You don’t need to be super smart or business savvy to use this course.

And even if you do already consider yourself smart or savvy with marketing, you WILL learn a lot.

This IS a straightforward path to breaking through and getting results with Ecommerce!

All The Lessons Are Straightforward, Practical, And Can Be Immediately Replicated With Limited Tech Knowledge

SO - what’s inside the Digital Cash Academy?

Well, it’s going to be hard to fit everything on this page, but let me share a rough outline of what we’ll be covering.

Module #1: The DCA Formula

  • Intro And The MASTER Strategy Responsible For Millions In Sales
  • Intro And The MASTER Strategy Responsible For Millions In Sales
  • How To Turn Other People’s Passion Into Profits
  • 3 Dead-Simple Strategies 99% Of Ecom Owners Aren’t Aware Of
  • BONUS: Customizing Your ”Ecom Implementation Plan” In Our Own Project Management Software (Pre-filled for you with to-dos and instructions. Ready to go!)

Module #2: Product Sourcing Mastery

  • DCA Proprietary Product Sourcing Method Walkthrough
  • How To Find The High Converting “Passion” Products
  • BONUS: Product Inspector Software - IMMEDIATELY Know Where The CONVERTING Products Are In Your Niche With A Click Of A Button
  • BONUS: Profitability Checklist Software (Plug in the product, press “GO” and INSTANTLY find out if the product is worth pursuing or not)

Module #3: Creating A High-Converting “MIX” Store

  • Discover How To Setup Your Store In Less Than 30 Minutes!
  • Setting Up 1-Click Dropshipping For SUPER EASY Fulfillment
  • High Conversion Store Strategies
  • A to Z Store Setup Walkthrough (Watch Me Do It With You)
  • Adding Products To Your Store In Less Than 10 Minutes (Watch Me Do It With You)

Module #4: Executing The Low-Cost Strategy

  • How To Create Easy Mode, Profitable Facebook Ads
  • How To Laser-Target Your Audiences
  • How To Recognize Losing And Winning Products
  • How To Set Up A FREE+Shipping Campaign And How I Make It Go VIRAL
  • BONUS: Ad Spy Software - Use this software to uncover ads that are CRUSHING it (and how to swipe them for possibly even better results!)

Module #5: Preparing Your Fast-Scaling Funnel

  • BONUS: Audience Analyzer Software - How To Grow Your Target Audience On Facebook
  • How To Keep The Ad Risk Super-Low And The Returns Super-High
  • How To Setup Quick & Simple Email Marketing Campaigns To Boost Sales Right Away
  • Watch Me Scale The Campaign From Module 4 - In Real Time!

Module #6: 10Xing Campaigns And DOMINATING Your Niche

  • How To Build A Targeted Niche-Store And Fill It Up With High-Converting Products
  • How To Build HUGE Facebook Fan Pages And How To Monetize Them (For Dirt Cheap!)
  • How I Build HUGE Fan Pages For $0.03 per TARGETED Fan
  • How To Use Upsells And Downsells For Additional Revenue
  • How To Preserve These Stores As CONSISTENT REVENUE STREAMS For Years To Come

Module #7: Sophisticated Email Marketing Machine For Your Niche Store

  • How To Easily Set Up Advanced Behavior-Based Campaigns To Increase Conversions (Marketing Behavioral Psychology Made Easy!)
  • Create KILLER Seasonal Campaigns for ANY Niche
  • How I Boost Sales By 300 to 1,000% For Every Major US Holiday
  • How I Tripled Sales For November (Black Friday) Compared To My Previous Best Month (Specific strategy that KILLS it on Black Friday)

Module #8: Outsourcing The Work

  • How To Free Up Your Time And Workload By Up To 80% For Dirt Cheap
  • Who To Hire and How Much To Pay So You Can Enjoy Your Free Time
  • How To Keep Your Ecommerce Business Safe When Outsourcing
  • How To Get Rid Of All The Tedious Tasks And Focus On Building New Revenue Streams And Creating Wealth

Module #9: Selling Physical Products With ClickBank

  • Source Whitelabel Products And Build A Strong Brand
  • How I’ve Been Selling My Own Physical Products With ClickBank
  • How I Went From 6 Figures To 7 Figures With FREE Traffic
  • How To Set Up A Powerful Sales Funnel For Highly Profitable Physical Products
  • How I Built My Most Successful eCommerce Website Using This Method

Module #10: Multiple Traffic Sources Mastery

  • How To Figure Out Other Profitable Traffic Source For Your Niche
  • Using Solo Ads For Massive Email Sales (Especially During Major US Holidays)
  • How To Use Media Buys To Buy Cheap, High-Converting Traffic
  • How To Use Instagram Influences and Organic Traffic To Boost Sales On-Demand
  • AdWords Remarketing Strategies I Use To Get Easy Sales

Module #11: Additional Revenue From 3rd Party Platforms

  • How to Use Amazon To Get Additional Sales And Establish A New Revenue Source
  • How To Use Ebay To Get More Eyeballs And Sales On Your Products
  • How To Set Up High-Converting Amazon and Ebay Pages

Module #12: Advanced Analytics & CRO

  • Track Your Ecommerce Revenue Channels
  • How To Use Heatmaps To Improve Conversions
  • How To Record “User Sessions” And Use Them To Improve Your Pages
  • How To Use Questionnaires For Additional Insight
  • How To Plan And Execute Complete Conversion Rate Optimization Campaigns

Enroll in The Digital Cash Academy Program Today Before It’s Closed

$397.00PER MONTH

    This is a 3 month payment plan, you will be charged $397.00 up front and $397.00 each month for 2 additional months. Click the link above, fill in your information, and you’ll get instant access to the entire Digital Cash Academy Course.

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    • We’ll Select A Few Stores, Review Your Progress, And Help You Increase Your ROI And Scale - Hands On
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    BONUS #2: Store Implementation Plan ($1,000 Value)

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    BONUS #4: Facebook Group Access For ONE Full Year (Value: $97/Month, $1,164 Total Value)

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    • Inspiring Community
    • Case Studies

    BONUS #5: Exclusive Profitability Checklist Web App ($2,500 Value)

    • Access To The Web App I Use To INSTANTLY Check If A Product Is Worth Pursuing Or Not
    • Plug In The Product URL And The App Tells You If You Should Pick It Or Not
    • I Used To Waste 100+ Hours Per Month Doing This, But Now I Can Do It All In Literally 60 Seconds Per Product!
    • This Was Custom Developed For Me By My Developer, But As A Free Bonus, You Get Complimentary Access

    BONUS #6: Product Inspector Tool ($800 Time Saving Value)

    • Access This Is Something I Used To Outsource And Pay $800 A Month For A Virtual Assistant To Do It For Me
    • But With This Software, You’ll Easily Be Able To Filter Through Thousand Of Products And Pick The Top Performing Products That Are Proven To Work
    • This Software Works On Both Windows And Mac And You Get Access To It Completely Free!

    BONUS #7: Audience Discovery Tool ($1,000 Time Saving Value)

    • Personally, I Would Say The Value That I Get Out Of This Piece Of Software Is $100,000+ Every Single Month
    • Allows Me To Scale My Campaigns Quickly By Literally Showing Me What Audiences I Should Target To Get More Sales
    • It’s Integrated With Facebook’s Marketing Api And Gets Real-time Data Based On A Sophisticated Algorithm

    BONUS #8: Ad Spy Tool ($800 Time Saving Value)

    • See Exactly How Other Successful Ecommerce Store Owners Run And Create Ads For Their Products
    • Just Type In Your Niche And The Software Shows You The Top Performing Ads For Your Niche
    • Easily Tell Which Ad Is Working Extremely Well, Allowing You To Model It And Get Started With The Perfect Facebook Ad From Your Very First Try

    I Am So Confident That DCA Will Work For You, That I Am Ready To Guarantee It

    But you don't have to take my word for it.

    What you can do is take this entire video course. Use everything. Test everything. See how it works for you in practice.

    If, at the end of 60 days’ time, you're not happy with it – just let me know. I'll immediately refund your money fully, no questions asked.

    And you can keep all the materials FREE.

    That’s right, I am offering you an…

    UNCONDITIONAL 30 Day Zero Risk Money Back Guarantee

    Now, once we do this for you, here’s what can happen…

    You see the financial potential of the Digital Cash Academy and you decide to implement it yourself, at your own pace.

    You take My Strategies from the Digital Cash Academy and decide that you want to implement this yourself and at your own pace. Which is alright.

    I will wish you all the best of luck, and we go our separate ways.

    The second thing that can happen, is for you to let my team put everything on steroids for you…

    The Cost of NOT Taking This Opportunity

    You may be looking at The Digital Cash Academy right now and wondering if you can afford it or whether you should invest the money.

    What you aren't taking into account is how much it will cost you to not do this.

    What is not taking action right now costing you every single month?

    Trading your time for money, stressing out over getting customers, never having the security and the time to enjoy your life…

    If your financial situation is not where it needs to be, where you want it to be… then it can’t help but take a toll on every area of your life.

    I know from personal experience that if your business isn’t performing to your personal standards – you will not be happy.

    You are sacrificing your health, your money and most importantly your time by missing this opportunity.

    Enroll in The Digital Cash Academy Program Today Before It’s Closed

    $397.00PER MONTH

      This is a 3 month payment plan, you will be charged $397.00 up front and $397.00 each month for 2 additional months. Click the link above, fill in your information, and you’ll get instant access to the entire Digital Cash Academy Course.

      I really look forward to working with you and hopefully seeing your store grow to six, seven or even eight figures.

      All you have to do is follow the 12 Module Course which has been proven by dozens of my students to work under most circumstances.

      The choice is yours. How badly do you want this? And how much will you regret not taking action immediately?

      JR Fisher

      Enroll in The Digital Cash Academy Program Today Before It’s Closed

      $397.00PER MONTH
        ENROLL NOW

        This is a 3 month payment plan, you will be charged $397.00 up front and $397.00 each month for 2 additional months. Click the link above, fill in your information, and you’ll get instant access to the entire Digital Cash Academy Course.

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